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**RevivalScape is a brand new 317 based server that loads OSRS data! Here at RevivalScape there/s only two priorities - Keeping the server up for as long as possible, and satisfying our players’ needs and demands!

Although we/re a small community of around 10 - 20 players, we/re growing by the day and have a skillful development team.**

- Reworked & Improved Slayer: A massive extension to OSRS Slayer system, including superior, group tasks and a lot of new unlockables!

- Over 25 bosses, most likely to increase till 30 +

- Wilderness EXP Zone (x2 EXP)!

- Great Economy, unlike many other servers, we aim to have a good balanced economy.

- Daily Updates.

- Custom interfaces

- Resizable and Fullscreen

- Around 100 Achievements!



Join us today! ~


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